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Mrs. Zant and the Ghost

Mrs. Zant and the Ghost - Wilkie Collins, Gillian Anderson

Mrs. Zant and the Ghost is a simple ghost story. Not spooky, not particularly exciting and quite predictable. Of course I need to remember this was written back in the 1800s and I am sure much more fresh and intriguing back then.


Mrs. Zant recently lost her husband, a mere few weeks after their wedding. While walking her dog in Kensington Gardens, a place that was special to both of them, she feels his presence. This is witnessed by Lucy, a child, who is playing in the park. Lucy is upset because she doesn't know what is wrong with Mrs. Zant  and alerts her father, Mr. Rayburn. Mr. Rayburn is concerned and assumes a bit of responsibility for Mrs. Zant even though she is a stranger to him. The story of course goes on from there. Is Mrs. Zant really feeling her husband or is she mad? That apparently is the question.


I obtained the free audiobook from Audible. I am not a big fan of audiobooks but with a 45 minute commute to work (and back), it helps make the time go a bit faster. Gillian Anderson, from the X-files, reads this book. She has such a soft and soothing voice I found myself getting sleepy... which is not a good thing when you are driving.  I had to shut the audio off a few times. She did the best as the voice of Mrs. Zant and I found myself tearing up a few times when Mrs. Zant recalled her husband.


I covered by first bingo square!



You can obtain the free audiobook at amazon.

Mrs. Zant and the Ghost