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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two -

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I and II (English)(Hardcover) - John Tiffany & J K Rowling Jack Thorne

Harry Potter meets Marty McFly.


I love Harry Potter, really love Harry Potter, but not grown up. He's changed. I went into this reading with my eyes wide open. I knew JK Rowling didn't write it, I knew it was a screenplay and I knew it focused on the next generation. Even so, JK Rowling approved it and so I had hope.


I can sum up the book with one word. Corny.


A lot of people say it reads like fanfiction but I have read better fanfiction. Many times, I looked at the book and said," who talks like this?!"  In my opinion the original characters did not feel like themselves and the story itself seemed simple. Too simple for the Potter Universe.


People have commented that maybe it's better on stage. Hopefully. It still doesn't excuse the fact the story has been done 1000 times before. Harry Potter is an original, but there is nothing original about this story.


The one good thing about reading this is it renewed my desire to re-read the series!


This fulfilled my Magical Realism square!