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Reign: Darkness Rises

Reign: Darkness Rises - Lily Blake

I little while ago I became desperate to watch another period piece set around the Tudor time period. The Tudors and The White Queen are two of my favorite tv shows. I heard that Reign was renewed for a fourth season so I thought it couldn't be all that bad. I ended up buying the first season and really liking it despite its inaccuracies. I was giddy when I found there were books that fill in some of the gaps.


Reign: Darkness Rises tells the origin of The Darkness, a man that came to believe he is a pagan deity, or the chosen one. That line of thinking never leads to anything good. He believes the Pagan Gods need human sacrifices in order to keep the plague at bay. However, he wasn't always like that. At one time, he was a gentle, loving young boy. This book follows that gentle boy as he descents into the evil and darkness. It is really good at adding to the story told by the tv series. I really enjoyed it.




Another square, my fifth! I chose this for my free square. It fits nicely with the evil/horror genre. I am all over the bingo card at the moment though. I need direction! :)