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This is a book about St. Mary's Institute of Historical Research. On the outside, I pictured the Institute looking like a college research building. On the inside, however, the teams are doing top-secret time travel. It was this premise that really caught my attention. I love historical fiction. I really liked the idea of a team going back in time and witnessing what really happened during various periods. To a point, the team did this but the book lacked a lot of detailed, historical content and the trips into the past were not fleshed out very well. They were quick and just as I would be getting into the story, the teams were back in present time and onto the next. I thought maybe each book would be about one particular jump and they would really immerse themselves in the time period and culture, but that wasn't the case. I think they had about four or five jumps in this one without much detail at all. I am hoping that was just because this is the first book and the rest in the series are not quite that choppy and lacking in details and character development.

I am willing to give the series a chance because the premise is so good.