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The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde, David Llewellyn Now this is the way to do an audiobook... with a full cast! Everyone was brilliant and made the story come alive a lot more than just one reader.

I am probably one of the last people who didn't really know Dorian Gray's story. A handsome young man about town who during a sitting for a portrait made the mistake of saying out loud that he would sell his soul to remain as youthful and vibrant as he was in the moment his portrait was painted. His wish comes true and all his misdeeds are evidenced in that very portrait. I never knew what a jerk Dorian was and he doesn't get any better as the story went on. Thankfully, the other adaptations in the series take a more forgiving and lighter approach to the character. I really enjoyed Alexander Vlahos' performance and that of the entire cast. Can't wait to listen to the other episodes!