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Cainsville Tales

Cainsville Tales - Kelley Armstrong This is a prequel to the Cainsville Tales by Kelley Armstrong. If you preordered her last book or reserved it at the library, you could email her lovely assistant for a copy. I had preordered Betrayals months before it came out but only recently realized I could get this book. I'm glad amazon keeps all your prior invoices available. It is a nice little gift that the author gave to her fans. I thought that was very sweet of her and enjoyed the stories very much.

The Orange Cat was my favorite from all the shorts because Gabriel is the narrator and I love Gabriel. The Orange Cat is a take on Edgar Allen Poe's Black Cat (which ironically I read for the first time last fall). Gabriel has a case involving an orange cat. The story itself is similar to Poe's but I loved all the bits she added in between that gave us more insight into Gabriel when he was young.