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Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

SuspicionSuspicion by Alexandra Monir

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

By the author’s own admission this book is a cross between gothic suspense novels and Downton Abbey. A lot of reviews mention it being a homage to Rebecca, but I have not read that book so I cannot comment on that.

Through horrid circumstances, 17 year old Imogen Rockford is now the new Duchess of Wickersham. It is a role she would rather not have taken on. It is only because of all the loss in her life that she gained her title. Her grandfather, aunt, uncle, mother and father and now her first cousin have all died and all (but her grandfather) in very suspicious ways. Now that she has taken over Rockford Manor she begins to learn of the dark secrets that lay hidden, not only upstairs but downstairs. It only fuels her desire to get to the bottom of her parent’s death and also the mystery surrounding her entire lineage.

Although I am not the target age of her books, I do enjoy Alexandra Monir’s writings. I fell in like with her writing when she came out with Timeless years ago. It was only recently I realized she had written more books. Although I can understand why some didn’t like aspects of the book, I found it a very easy relaxing book to read. There were some plot twists that could have been fleshed out to be more believable but I don’t thing this book was meant to be believable, so they didn’t infuriate me like they did others. Looks like you either love or hate the book so I would recommend giving it a try and see for yourself.


This could have fit in quite a few squares, but I am going to use this for amateur sleuth since the whole premise of the book was Imogen trying to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding her family.