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Transylvania: Birthplace of Vampires

Transylvania: Birthplace of Vampires - Robert Z. Cohen

Synopsis: The land of Transylvania has a long and rich history. In the United States, it is most famous for being the setting of countless vampire books and films, most famously Bram Stoker s novel. Featuring many full-color photographs of Transylvania and its people, this book brings readers inside the history, folk culture, religious rituals, and mythology of Transylvania. They will learn about how accounts of Transylvania inspired Bram Stoker, the link between Transylvanian vampire myths and Hollywood vampires, famous Transylvanians such as Bela Lugosi, and contemporary Transylvania s growing tourist industry. 


I would love to visit this country. This is a quick interesting overview of this fascinating birthplace of Dracula! 


I am using this for deadlands.