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In Pieces: Sally Field

In Pieces. A Memoir: Sally Field - Sally Field

Gidget and the Flying Nun were a bit before my time so I was first introduced to Sally in Steel Magnolias... one of the biggest dramatic comedies of my youth. She made me bawl like a big baby especially during the cemetery scene when she broke down. That was when I thought damn, she is a brilliant actor.


I had no idea Sally had to endure what she did as a child. I feel so badly for her. It really surprises me to find out that celebrities aren't immune to being victims, although it shouldn't. I am glad she was able to rise above it. I did notice though that she really avoids a lot in her life by not reading letters people send her, etc. That is definitely an emotional self preservation tactic. I hope that in writing the book she was able to overcome that. I really enjoyed reading her book.