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Door 6: Veterans / Armistice Day - Task 2


Door 6:  Veterans / Armistice Day


Task 2: In keeping with the minute of silence, tell us about the authors who have passed this year that you will miss the most.


Judith Krantz

January 9, 1928 - June 22, 2019
Los Angeles, California | Age 91

Bestselling romance novelist wrote "Scruples"



Judith Krantz was a bestselling romance novelist whose wildly popular books sent their heroines on opulent shopping sprees between sessions of steamy sex. My Grandma read a lot of Judith Krantz so her books were some of my first in the world of romance. As a tween, she pretty much taught me about sex. lol  Her books also brought about the wonderful cheesy miniseries based on them. Oh the days of the miniseries. :D