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24 Festive Tasks Door 7 - Book task


Door 7:  International Day for Tolerance

Book: Read a book about tolerance, or outside your comfort zone, or set in Paris (seat of UNESCO).



The moving, uplifting true story of an unlikely friendship between a man on the streets and the ginger cat who adopts him and helps him heal his life. - Goodreads


There was just something about this story that I could not put down. I finished it in two sittings. Bob is extraordinary. I believe he was sent to James to save not only himself, but James too. It is so heartwarming to read a story about soulmates and soulmates they are, even though one is of the furry persuasion. I am so happy that James turned his life around. It was hard to hear about how James was treated when he was out in the streets. Until he started taking Bob with him, he was invisible. Bob not only saved James but showed people that those who are homeless are real human beings too that need to be treated with loving kindness. It was an eye opener of the struggles street people go through. Such a beautiful story.