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Prairie Tale (Thorndike Biography)

Prairie Tale - Melissa Gilbert I picked up this book from the library because I was feeling like a biography and had watched Little House on the Prairie as a child. It was one of two I read this weekend and I think I'm done with autobiographies for a while (although reading Melissa's makes me want to read her co-star Alison Arngrim's). They all seem a bit self-absorbed and sort of a brag book of who you know (or maybe it was just the two I chose to read).

Saying that though, I did enjoy Melissa's book. It was extremely interesting to read about her relationship with Rob Lowe as I had a major crush on him at the time he was dating her (although I had no clue they were dating since I was too young to read rag mags and the internet was not in existence). It was an eye-opener. I felt she did name drop a bit much and probably could have scaled back a little, since some of it was interesting and some of it was just plain gratuitous. Still she has led an interesting life and it was a nice inside look at the workings of Hollywood by a child actor who wasn't destroyed by it.