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Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes

Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes - Ian K. Smith While this book provided a lot of good advice and some good suggestions for different ways to eat, I wouldn't be able to follow it. I work full time and the things that he suggests to eat and how often he suggests to eat would not fit into my schedule. I would have to bring 5 meals to work, including 3 main ones. I am going to take what I've learned though and modify it along with the weight watchers program I belong to and see if I can get off these final 10 pounds.

There really isn't any secret to weight loss... watching what you eat (low cabs, low fat, lots of fruits and veggies) and exercise (at least 30+ min a day) will give you results, but I like to read books such as this to give me ideas that I can use to shake things up a bit.

I know it might not be fair to rate this book since I am not actually going to follow his diet, but I did read it all before making that decision. This review is based only on the information I read and not whether the diet actually works or not. I just know I can't follow it based on my work schedule without quite a bit of modification.