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Star Crossed Seduction (Lords of the Seventh House)

Star Crossed Seduction - Jenny  Brown I won this book through the First Reads goodreads giveaways and quite enjoyed it!

Captain Miles Trevelyan (Trev) is currently on leave from India and because of his mother is in search of a bride. Temperance Smith picks his pocket as he's on his way to a brothel. A match made in heaven? Well not exactly, but a match made in the stars maybe.

This book has a twist to it as it uses astrology to push the story along. It's quite an unique concept to romance novels, or at least is to me.

I really liked Temperance who turned out to be quite far from your typical fair maiden of the romance novels. She was living on the streets and taking care of herself but was still a bit naive (but not stupid) and it made for an appealing character. I wasn't quite as taken with Trev, who frankly, for a man, used too many words when he talked. Once or twice the thought, "just be quiet and kiss already" crossed my mind. When heroes get a bit flowery with their words it makes me chuckle a little. I also found him a wee bit arrogant in the beginning.

Aside from the plot being a bit confusing here and there (which I think it was just my fault for not knowing some aspects of the time period that well), I really enjoyed the book and the unique spin of using astrology to guide the two leads. It was an extremely easy read and the author has a great writing style.

I also see that this is the second book in the Astrology series by Jenny Brown and I do want to check out the first. While this book was about Scorpios, I'm an Aries and would love to see a book with an Aries couple... then again they'd probably kill each other the first chapter. :)