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Sliding Into Home

Sliding Into Home - Kendra Wilkinson I can't really explain why pop culture memoirs/autobiographies are catching my interest at the moment (quite honestly, I can't really say for sure that they are) but something makes me pick them up at the library. I watched Kendra on Girls Next Door many years ago. I only caught a season or two but it was fun guilty-pleasure tv... nothing I had to tax my brain with after a long day at work. Kendra was my favorite because she was so fun and didn't give a crap about what people thought. Her book was much the same. She owned her mistakes but didn't apologize unless she knew she hurt someone.

I was quite interested in what "really" went on in the playboy mansion only because, like I said, I watched a few seasons of the show. This isn't the place to judge, but she gave me enough to confirm my suspicions. Kendra seemed to genuinely care about Hef (she had father issues which could be the reason) but that man has to realize he's being taken for a ride by a lot of those woman. Literally. I am glad she got out of there and seems to be happy with her brand new family. The book was a quick, easy read and for anyone that might of watched the show, it's interesting to hear her take on what was really going on.