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Reese's Bride - Kat Martin I did not care for this book. The storyline had potential as I usually love a story about old loves reconnecting but these two were very immature. Also the lead, while he hated her with all his heart, was in a constant state of arousal. I know this because the author mentioned it every other paragraph. If I had played a drinking game every time I read about his burning loins I would have been hammered by the end of the book. It was unnecessary and after awhile completely embarrassing. He was going to pay her back for hurting him years ago, by using her body. Ironically it is what the villain in the book wanted to do so how are we supposed to warm up to the hero when his behavior was as disgusting as the villain's?

For whatever reason the author decided to throw a secondary romance in that felt forced and produced a huge error. Throughout the book when the lead's best friend was mentioned, we had to hear over and over how he lost his arm saving the lead. It got to the point where I rolled my eyes and said YES WE KNOW. However when he was talking with his lady he put his HANDS on her SHOULDERS? Erm... with only one arm, which is what we were told numerous times, how did he manage that? More then faulting the author, I want to know where her editor was? She or he must of been playing the drinking game I referenced above in order to miss that!

It was at that point I just had enough with the characters and skimmed to the end. The younger brother who is the focus of the next book sounds interesting but I just don't think I can make it through more writing like this. I am glad so many others enjoyed it, but this style definitely was not for me.